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Our Florida business and corporate law experience can assist you with starting a new business. We will guide you through the selection of the proper form of businesses or corporate entity, the merits, risks and costs associated with maintaining that entity, and strategies for growing the business once it is operational. This includes:

- Corporation (Corp)

- Limited Liability Company (LLC)

- Partnership

- Joint Venture (JV)

We can assist you with the purchase or sale of an existing business in an asset or stock transaction. We can also assist you with the financing of an expanding business or navigating management and operational changes. Additionally, we can draft and review business contracts and transactional matters on behalf of your entity. This includes guidance on (i) structuring efficient sales, supply or licensing agreements, consulting or similar business arrangements, and other essential contracts and relationships, so that your business interests are protected; (ii) counseling on the fiduciary duties of officers, directors and managers, including the proper powers of board members and managing members, their interaction with management and their responsibilities to shareholders and members; and (iii) assistance with transfer of business control, whether through development of succession plans, responding to recapitalization offers or handling business sale or dissolution arrangements.

Lakewood Ranch Business Lawyer

I have over twenty-four (24) years of experience assisting clients (entrepreneurs and small business owners) with the formation and operation of their Florida business entity and drafting agreements on their behalf. Allow me to assist you in the selection of the proper Florida business entity (Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Partnership, etc.) for your business and all necessary business agreements.